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Your voice on health and social care

CQC announces new engagement strategy


The CQC (Care Quality Commission) today published a new strategy for how it will engage with the public to help make it a strong, independent regulator that is always on the side of people using care services.

The organisation engaged lots of people, including people who use services, organisations that represent them and its staff in its creation.

The CQC heard the following challenges:

  • The CQC cannot do this alone and in some cases, is not best placed to do so – it should take advantage of what others do well in the system.
  • People, and organisations, do not always know what happens when they share views and experiences of care with the CQC. 
  • The public struggles to find the information they need about care services. They are not always seeing CQC ratings.
  • People do not always know what changes their feedback or participation has led to. 

The “public” are not a homogeneous group – they are diverse and have many needs. Over the next five years, these needs and the way people use health and care services will change

The CQC will address these challenges by:

  1. Working with organisations that represent people who use services to help improve the quality of care.
  2. Encouraging people to share their views and experiences of care, improving the way it uses this information and reporting on the action it takes.
  3. Producing and promoting simple, clear and concise information for the public that explains what good care looks like and supports people to make decisions about services.
  4. Improving the way it works by involving and engaging the public in its policies, plans and processes.

You can download the summary version of the strategy here.