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Your voice on health and social care

County announces consultation on adult social care contributions


Oxfordshire County Council has announced proposed changes to its Adult Social Care Contribution Policy, on which it intends to consult on in January 2018.

 The Adult Social Care Contributions Policy outlines how the council ensures a fair approach in assessing the contributions made by individuals towards the social care services they receive.  In Spring 2017 an in-depth review of the policy was undertaken with a view to ensuring it was equitable, consistent, fit for purpose and Care Act compliant.  The review identified opportunities to make the policy fairer and more consistent with national guidance.

The key benefits for individuals include a more equitable, consistent process and a shorter financial assessment period.  The key benefits of these proposals for the council include a more efficient assessment process and a smaller number of visits to the person’s home in order to complete the financial assessment.  The changes will also mean that some people will be asked to contribute more towards the cost of the care they receive, whilst others will see a reduction in their contribution.

The council will make sure that these policy changes are affordable for individuals by offering a full financial reassessment and it will ensure that a person’s finances do not fall below the guaranteed minimum income level.  The council’s waiver scheme may be used in cases where there are specific social, psychological or health issues or exceptional circumstances which mean that a person cannot afford to pay their contribution.

The county council intends to hold a full eight-week public consultation from end January 2018 and it is keen for as many people to contribute towards this as possible.